Thursday, 31 July 2014

Birthday Suit

If I ever needed an excuse for a new dress (and trust me, I don't) then my birthday is a good a reason as any. Me and my friends were celebrating my 23rd in Leeds and I was set on finding something colourful for the occasion and so hot-footed it into Topshop.

And this happened...

Six items later I had the one.

I figured, hey if you want something colourful why not go all out in neon orange?! I'd tried the same playsuit on in a lovely blue but it just didn't have the same effect. Its from the Love label at Topshop (Sadly, I can't find a link online) and I just fell in love with the cut. Nipped in at the waist, flared at the shorts & with boning providing the shape at the front I have a feeling this will see me through many a summer.

Becs x 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


It was my birthday on the 21st and I have just been sat thinking what a good year 22 has been in my life.

I've fed penguins, watched my sister marry the man she loves, been to Thailand and seen some elephants, got my first tattoo, had more drunken nights with my best friends than I can mention, been to the iTunes festival, spent a week living the life in London and getting to go to a Hollywood press conference amongst other things, seen John Mayer twice, spent time in my favourite places in Northumberland with my favourite people, been to Wembley to watch my team play in a final and made stacks of memories with the people I love. I am so very lucky.

Becs x

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Published by the Press Association

David Gray - Mutineers

It’s been 21 years since David Gray’s stripped-back debut album A Century Ends and the 46-year old Manchester singer-songwriter returns with his 11th studio album Mutineers.  He continues to offer fans a different sound with his latest release being much less acoustic, yet he manages to retain the infamous heartfelt lyric Gray is famous for. Lead single and album opener Back in the World hits with its catchy drumbeat, while title track Mutineers has that high-low tone he has perfected. Fans will be happy to hear romantic anthems Last Summer and Snow in Vegas, along with sombre Birds of the High Arctic. 

Becs x

Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer Sun

As I mentioned recently I went on a lovely trip to Thailand and I was determined (once in my life) not to over-pack.

This meant that my make-up had to be reduced to a smaller number of products which could stand the test of the heat.

(In no particular order)
- Mini YSL Babydoll mascara -Clinque Bottom Lash mascara - Mac Studio Fix Powder - Collection concealor - Benefit Browzings - Maybelline colour tattoos in Taupe and On & On Bronze - Rimmel Scandaleyes gel eyeliner in black & bronze - Rimmel Apocolips in Big Bang & Apocoliptic - Max Factor creme blush in Soft Pink - Rimmel blush Pink Blush - Boujours bronzer - Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle

I never bother to take foundation with me on holiday as my skin has a tendency to go a little bumpy sometimes due to the heat/sweat/suntan lotion concoction and I don't like to add another thing on top to worsen my pores. However, just because I may be tanned doesn't mean I don't need a little bit of coverage so I often take my Mac Studio Fix powder which at any other point of the year is far too dark for me (tip: never get matched when you're tanned)

Bronzer is a biiiigggg holiday essential, but my Nars Laguna has recently cracked and I didn't want to risk any more damage in-flight so decided to try out Boujours's infamous offering. I did quite like the colour of this, but I just wish it had less glitter particles in it.

Speaking of bronze, I pretty much wore Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in On & On Bronze every night, applied with my finger and then blended with a soft brush to give a little definition in the crease. Add lashings of YSL Babydoll Mascara and black eyeliner and we're almost good to go.

Some nights when I had a more dressed-down outfit (or just felt like it) I added a lip colour but the thing about Thailand is everybody is so dressed down that you don't want to take it that step too far.

What are your holiday essentials?

Becs x

Monday, 23 June 2014


Published by the Press Association

Passenger - Whispers

It may seem like Michael David Rosenberg aka Passenger has just stepped onto the music scene following last year's hit single Let Her Go and album All The Little Lights, but his latest offering Whispers is actually the Brighton-born singer's fifth studio album. Lead single Heart's On Fire provides more of what he became famous for - a mellow mix of acoustic guitar with heart-felt lyrics. Folk-style offerings come from the likes of Bullets, and fans will be pleased to hear Riding To New York making it on to the track-list after he performed it on his last tour. Meanwhile, 27 shows he isn't willing to conform to fit the industry, and Scare Away The Dark takes a look at society as a whole. Fifth album it may be, but it's still fantastic.

Becs x

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Not-so bustling Bangkok

Journeying down the Chao Phraya river as the sun beams down on my face, I enter into a jet-lag induced haze until a crackle on the sound-system jolts me from my slumber. I'm aboard the popular tourist ferry boat taking us from the central pier in search of Bangkok's greatest attraction - The Grand Palace.

The May heat in Bangkok is like nothing else I've ever experienced, and when paired with the month's high humidity it makes for a heady concoction. As one of the ferrymen helps us jump off the boat and onto the pier we're greeted by the hustle and bustle of a Thai street market. The heat gives no respite and only increases as you walk through it thanks to the copious amount of street vendors cooking up a delectable buffet of dishes.

Vast, tall white walls cocoon the Grand Palace, but our tiredness somehow leads us walking in the opposite direction to the entrance. Instead, we happen upon Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Named after an Indian monastery where Buddha is said to have lived, it is home to 91 chedis each intricately decorated with a rainbow of colours. The star attraction, however, is the reclining Buddha. Entering the hall - robed, with shoes in hand - the size of it makes me gasp. Fellow tourists stand at awkward angles around the space trying to photograph its entirety.

We decide to make the most of our riverside location, and walk back to the pier in order to travel to Wat Arun, pausing at a street-stall for a coconut to drink, and witness the female owner carelessly strike the top off with a meat cleaver before inserting fluorescent coloured straws.

The ideal place to get photos of one of the country's best Temple's is while you're on the ferry crossing, as snaps become the last thing on your mind when you're challenged to climb to the two different levels. Despite it not being Bangkok's tallest monument, the steps are so steep all your focus is on getting up/down.

As we travel back down the river to our starting point, I begin to wonder what all of the bad-press about a hectic Bangkok was about. Perhaps it's the season, but I haven't found the most visited city in the world a hassle in the slightest.

We catch the cool air-conditioned haven that is the SkyTrain back to Asok station, and have a five minute walk through Sukhumvit to our hotel to freshen-up for the evening. At a mere £26 per night Windsor Suites was a gem of a hotel, 14 stories high with a roof-top pool to boot, it was more than we needed to rest our weary heads.

Showered and somewhat refreshed, we catch one of the many taxi's lining the capital city's streets a few soi's down to the infamous Cabbages & Condoms restaurant, which graces the pages of many travel guides. Opting to sit in the 'garden' we are greeted with what can be better described as a jungle of trees and greenery, with fairy lights and lamps giving the area a gentle glow.

The restaurant has been a Bangkok institution for many years after the owner decided there was a desperate need in the country for a better understanding and acceptance of family planning. We opted for Thai Green Curry, vegetable spring rolls and fried shrimp - all guaranteed 'not to cause pregnancy'.

With our full stomachs we make the cross-city journey to the popular backpacker location of Khaosan Road where we have our first sights of the copious amount of fake-goods on offer in the city. Stalls offering popular international brands line the streets, while travellers spill out of bars Chang's in hand. A few spit-spots of rain suddenly becomes a typical Thai thunderstorm and we find shelter in a bar, before deciding to give in to our jet-lag.

In the taxi back to our hotel, I watch skyscrapers and colourful tuk-tuk's pass my window and understand why this city is visited so often by the world over.

Becs x

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lady Danger

How I spent so many years not being particularly interested in lipstick literally baffles me.

I'm now obsessed with lip products. Gloss, stain, stick, balm, you name it I've probably got it floating around in my handbag. 

I think it was The Fear that had me steering clear for so long, but once I first tried a bold lip I knew there was no going back.

For me, no other make-up item can completely change your look and alter your mood like a lipstick can. If I'm feeling down, I put on a bright like Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet and I'm instantly perked up.

It's got to the point now where I'm asking almost complete strangers what they are wearing on their lips, and that my friends, is how I found out about Mac's Lady Danger.

I'd been wanting to dip my toe into the orange end of the lipstick-pool for a while now, but The Fear struck. I'm fine with reds/pinks/dark berry colours, but orange was an unknown quantity which I fretted my olive skin might not suit.

However, I buckled up and headed to the Mac stand, determined to at least try this beautiful orangey-red on for size.

Reader, I bought it.

It is an absolute show-stopper of a lipstick, standing matte and bold amongst my other glosses and high-shine offerings. 

I also got conned persuaded into purchasing a lip liner to pair with it in the colour High Energy and I've actually wore this lip liner on its own softened with some balm and it gives a lovely look.

My favourite way to wear my Lady is as it was intended, bold and full on. I usually line, then apply one coat, blot off excess on a tissue and re-apply a second layer. However, I've also just put a smaller amount of a first layer on and buffed it in with my finger for a more paired-down daytime look.

Go on, be dangerous.

Becs x