Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday Feeling

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The Gaslight Anthem - The B-Sides

It's been two years since the punk rockers' last release and, although The B-Sides may not have the amount of new material fans hoped for, it certainly is something to have in your collection. This compilation consists of a mixture of live, acoustic and exclusive studio versions of the New Jersey quartet's most famous tracks including The '59 sound, Boxer and American Slang. What makes this album stand out are their cover versions, most notably of The Rolling Stones's Tumbling Dice as lead singer Brian Fallon's unmistakable husky-rocker voice makes the track his own. The album may offer a slightly more chilled out Anthem, but still anthems nonetheless.


Becs x

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Saturday Style

Oh Topshop.

Why do you have this power over me? One minute I'm walking through town minding my own business, the next I'm at the till punching in my pin number.

I went into town on Saturday to run a few errands and thought I'd nip into Topshop for a browse, I'd spied this top online a few days ago and liked the look of it, the dusty-grey colour is something that won't date and the sheerness of the fabric means it can be worn right up until the mercury finally decides to rise.

I also spotted these 'treggings'  - what will they think of next - and thought I'd "just try them on". Of course I quickly fell in love, they are soft and comfortable but dont have that awkwardness of the top area which is often a conundrum with leggings, thanks to the addition of a button and zip.

It's been a nice weekend, I popped out for a few too many cocktails with my best friend and today nursed my sore head with a movie and copious amounts of crisps.

Becs x

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Secrets

So I kinda realised I hadn't posted any pictures of me, or really said anything about myself yet (apart from my love for make-up/shopping/coffee) and thought that seen as I had resisted splurging this weekend, today's post might be a good opportunity for that.
I've taken inspiration from a verry old blogpost of Zoella's as that was one which popped into my head when I decided to write this. Lets get started, I'm so excited to do this - its so myspace!

Baby Becs!

- Do you have any siblings? Yes, one older sister :)
- What is your height? I think I'm about 5ft 5.. ish
- What do you feel is your greatest achievement? Completing the Great North Run was one of the most challenging things I have ever decided to do both mentally and physically, and I literally burst into tears on the finishing line.
- Do you have any phobias? Yes, spiders, and also getting trapped - I wouldn't necessarily say that its claustrophobia as I could feel the same if i was in a huge building, I just fear not being able to get out of somewhere. 

- Heels or flats? Both, heels for the night and flats for the day. I would love to be one of those women who can pull off daytime heels but I'd feel too overdone.
- Where do you buy most of your clothes from? Hmm, probably Topshop or Zara I'd say
- Favourite make-up brand? This is a toughy, if i had to just use one forever I'd probably say Mac, but I absolutely adore Nars too, ooh and Rimmel - argh too hard!
- Lipstick or mascara? Mascara is a biggy for me, I have such short eye lashes that even on 'no make-up days' I still wear a little mascara

- What is your favourite flower? Tulips, purple are my ultimate favourite
- Savoury or sweet? It really depends on my mood, if I'm in a restaurant I'd rather forgo a starter to have a pudding, but then I prefer to snack on savoury things like crisps
- What is your favourite book? Eat, Pray, Love, every time
- Which season do you like best? I really enjoy Spring and Autumn on crisp sunny days, and I think that fashion often works best in these seasons. I do love summer and the feeling of sun on your back but hate getting too hot and having the wrong outfit on

Oo that was fun, I almost feel 13 again!

 Becs x

Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday Fiction


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I can guarantee Friday Fiction will not be a weekly post - but I usually review a book every month, so until then - enjoy.

The Impossible Lives Of Greta Wells by Andrew Sean Greer (£14.99, ebook £5.03).

Many people may feel at some points in time that their lives have become impossible – stuck in a rut and unable to see the light of day.
None more so than Greta Wells. Her brother has died following his long battle with Aids and her long-term partner has left her following an affair with a younger woman.
She appeals for help, and her doctor suggests a controversial electroconvulsive therapy.
The results, however, are far more shocking than he or she could ever have imagined, submerging Greta into three eras – 1918, 1941 and 1985 – where she awakes in the same room, on the same street, with the same family members surrounding her.
She realises that what her aunt told her as a child may have just come to life.
“You make a wish, and another world is formed in which that wish comes true, though you may never see it... Perhaps in one of them, all rights are wronged and life is as you wish it. So what happens if you found the door? And what if you had the key? Because everyone knows this: That the impossible happens once to each of us.”
Andrew Sean Greer perfects the tone and you soon forget that it is a male author writing from a female perspective.
The novel takes a beautiful journey through history, allowing us to consider what life may have been like had we been born in a different era – and which one we ultimately would choose.

Becs x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Saturday Sales

...I told you I'd be back!

Yesterday was one of those days when you go shopping and the first store you walk into, you sense that you are going to be spending a lot of money. Often, when you plan these kinds of shopping trips you dont see anything worth spending your pounds and pennies on, so I didn't feel toooo guilty about what I picked up.

I first went into Debenhams where I got my eyebrows waxed back into shape thanks to the maestros at the Benefit counter. I have had the 'Brow Arch' wax numerous times, and believe it is one of the best in-store cosmetic treatments you can recieve. I've never left unhappy with my brows, the girls have always made sure to ask what I'm after before they get their tweezers out and - the main point for me - is that they dont let you leave to spend the next hour or so with a red-inflamed brow. They usually use Boing! concealer to reduce the redness, before completing the brow look by filling them in with the infamous Brow Zings. I've used a brow pencil for many years now, and everytime I get them done at the counter I consider purchasing this set - so yesterday I took the jump. I got it in Dark which I was a little dubious about, but after applying myself this morning can say that I am more than happy with it. It is a simple two-step wax and powder process, with both an angled brush and blending brush included. (Plus, a mini-Benefit for Tweezerman tweezers which I already had from another set, and can highly recommend for their ability at being able to get the shortest and tiniest of hairs).
I also spotted a Lancome sale and just couldn't resist. I dabbled into the Lancome mascara world last year and have never looked back. I have tried the Doll Eyes, Hyponose and Star with the latter being my favourite. They had a duo on sale and although I'm not in need of a new one yet, they were at such a good price point of £32 that I just couldnt resist. Debenhems were also having an offer on if you spent over £35 on Lancome you recieved £10 worth of Beauty Card points so I added a nail varnish also on sale to my basket. While in town I also picked up a jacket from Primark and a jumper from Zara with a beaded-collar detail which I am already in love with.

To outweigh yesterday's spends, today I have relaxed on the sofa with a cup of coffee and Glamour magazine, and then spent this afternoon looking at potential holidays. Ahh, weekends pass far too fast!

I'll be back mid-week with a book review,

Becs x

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Resolute resolutions

This is the year.

It is! No, seriously. This is the year I am going to blog. Having thought about it for approximately three years, (in which I have potentially missed the buzz-boat) this is the year that I will contineously update this very blog. Resolution number one.

Number two is nothing new but it is something that I will remain committed to throughout the year and that is looking after my skin. I have always always always taken my make-up off before going to bed, and because of dry patches on my face I've moisturised since I was about 12. However, it wasn't until about two years ago when I reached my twenties that I decided I really needed to up my game in skincare. I'd been using cheap face wipes, a reasonably penny-pinching face scrub/wash and a bargain bucket moisturiser which had served their purpose well, but I thought if I wanted to stand any chance of leaving this decade of my life with my skin half as good as it was entering - then I'd better do something about it.
Alas, I turned to the holy grail of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. My, my what a relevation that was. On my first use I used a make-up wipe before applying the cream cleanser as I didnt want to dirty my muslin cloth and then followed the two-step process - amazed at how much make-up was still remaining on my face. All these years I'd spent thinking that a face-wipe had done the job made me thank my guardian skin-angel that I had not ever suffered a bad-bout of acne. That is the only thing I can think of that must have kept my pores unblocked as the wipes certainly were not!
Soon after I added the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser into the mix, but I found that this was a little too rich for daywear as it didnt mix too well with my foundation. However, it made the perfect night cream with a pot lasting me nearly six months. So the quest was on for a day moisturiser, and thankfully last Christmas I found it in the form of Lancome's Hydra Zen Neurocalm. Using a small amount I found that it was thin enough to not make my make-up feel heavy or greasy, but also thick enough to actually do what it says on the tub - moisturise. I think this year I dabble into the world of serums and face masks, just to give it a little boost every now and again.

And finally, number three is to continue to travel. Last year I was fortunate enough to go to my second home of Newcastle on numerous occasions, Prague, Rhodes, London, Northumberland and Leeds for lots of holidays and weekends away. This year I plan to do more of the same, with my first trip to Newcastle already planned for two weeks time. On my wishlist are - Budapest, Dubai, New York, Marrakech and Vegas. Whether I will go to any of these we shall see.

Until next time (which there most certainly will be, next Sunday. I promise)

Becs x