Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday Fiction


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I can guarantee Friday Fiction will not be a weekly post - but I usually review a book every month, so until then - enjoy.

The Impossible Lives Of Greta Wells by Andrew Sean Greer (£14.99, ebook £5.03).

Many people may feel at some points in time that their lives have become impossible – stuck in a rut and unable to see the light of day.
None more so than Greta Wells. Her brother has died following his long battle with Aids and her long-term partner has left her following an affair with a younger woman.
She appeals for help, and her doctor suggests a controversial electroconvulsive therapy.
The results, however, are far more shocking than he or she could ever have imagined, submerging Greta into three eras – 1918, 1941 and 1985 – where she awakes in the same room, on the same street, with the same family members surrounding her.
She realises that what her aunt told her as a child may have just come to life.
“You make a wish, and another world is formed in which that wish comes true, though you may never see it... Perhaps in one of them, all rights are wronged and life is as you wish it. So what happens if you found the door? And what if you had the key? Because everyone knows this: That the impossible happens once to each of us.”
Andrew Sean Greer perfects the tone and you soon forget that it is a male author writing from a female perspective.
The novel takes a beautiful journey through history, allowing us to consider what life may have been like had we been born in a different era – and which one we ultimately would choose.

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