Sunday, 26 January 2014

Saturday Style

Oh Topshop.

Why do you have this power over me? One minute I'm walking through town minding my own business, the next I'm at the till punching in my pin number.

I went into town on Saturday to run a few errands and thought I'd nip into Topshop for a browse, I'd spied this top online a few days ago and liked the look of it, the dusty-grey colour is something that won't date and the sheerness of the fabric means it can be worn right up until the mercury finally decides to rise.

I also spotted these 'treggings'  - what will they think of next - and thought I'd "just try them on". Of course I quickly fell in love, they are soft and comfortable but dont have that awkwardness of the top area which is often a conundrum with leggings, thanks to the addition of a button and zip.

It's been a nice weekend, I popped out for a few too many cocktails with my best friend and today nursed my sore head with a movie and copious amounts of crisps.

Becs x

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