Sunday, 5 January 2014

Resolute resolutions

This is the year.

It is! No, seriously. This is the year I am going to blog. Having thought about it for approximately three years, (in which I have potentially missed the buzz-boat) this is the year that I will contineously update this very blog. Resolution number one.

Number two is nothing new but it is something that I will remain committed to throughout the year and that is looking after my skin. I have always always always taken my make-up off before going to bed, and because of dry patches on my face I've moisturised since I was about 12. However, it wasn't until about two years ago when I reached my twenties that I decided I really needed to up my game in skincare. I'd been using cheap face wipes, a reasonably penny-pinching face scrub/wash and a bargain bucket moisturiser which had served their purpose well, but I thought if I wanted to stand any chance of leaving this decade of my life with my skin half as good as it was entering - then I'd better do something about it.
Alas, I turned to the holy grail of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. My, my what a relevation that was. On my first use I used a make-up wipe before applying the cream cleanser as I didnt want to dirty my muslin cloth and then followed the two-step process - amazed at how much make-up was still remaining on my face. All these years I'd spent thinking that a face-wipe had done the job made me thank my guardian skin-angel that I had not ever suffered a bad-bout of acne. That is the only thing I can think of that must have kept my pores unblocked as the wipes certainly were not!
Soon after I added the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser into the mix, but I found that this was a little too rich for daywear as it didnt mix too well with my foundation. However, it made the perfect night cream with a pot lasting me nearly six months. So the quest was on for a day moisturiser, and thankfully last Christmas I found it in the form of Lancome's Hydra Zen Neurocalm. Using a small amount I found that it was thin enough to not make my make-up feel heavy or greasy, but also thick enough to actually do what it says on the tub - moisturise. I think this year I dabble into the world of serums and face masks, just to give it a little boost every now and again.

And finally, number three is to continue to travel. Last year I was fortunate enough to go to my second home of Newcastle on numerous occasions, Prague, Rhodes, London, Northumberland and Leeds for lots of holidays and weekends away. This year I plan to do more of the same, with my first trip to Newcastle already planned for two weeks time. On my wishlist are - Budapest, Dubai, New York, Marrakech and Vegas. Whether I will go to any of these we shall see.

Until next time (which there most certainly will be, next Sunday. I promise)

Becs x

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